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Women Ruling Runway at New York Men's Fashion Week

Women Ruling Runway at New York Men's Fashion Week Photo courtesy: David Hart

Males weren't the only models found on the runway at this year's 2015 Men's Fashion Week NYC.

Last week, after several years of a hiatus, the 2015 Men's Fashion Week NYC took place over four exciting days. A new vibe was brought to the streets as fashion bloggers; editors; models; buyers; stylists; and fashionistas attended each show. The focus was finally on the men's fashion, a change from large crowds driving the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, which features primarily women's fashion.

Buyers and press had a taste of the beautiful male, female, and celebrity models on the Men's Fashion Week runways. Several models projected androgynous and co-ed looks.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell strutted in a skimpy black bikini, and thigh high boots, paired with a blazer for the Givenchy show. She turned a man's blazer into a sexy piece that any man would overlook as her own. It seems that will most likely be the case for now since the unisex style is trending. Men, brace yourselves, for you might find your significant other rummaging through your closet before work in the morning.

Using female models enabled the designer to show more pieces in one show. Models styled in co-ed clothing makes the clothing line more versatile and mysterious.
The gorgeous Kris Gottschalk blended seamlessly in Public School's Spring/ Summer 2016 lineup. From a glance, you would've thought she was one of the guys, rocking a short haircut with a tomboy style.

Jeroen-Teerlinck Kris-Gottschalk Courtesy-of-Theory 600x748Jeroen Teerlinck & Kris Gottschalk Photo: Courtesy of Theory

Gottschalk said about the co-ed fashion trend, "I've heard people talking about the new gender ambiguity. You see it, now a lot of the guys have very long hair, and then I'm in there with the short hair. It's interesting. Since fashion is such a creative industry, I think people like to play with perceptions and expectations."

Kris-Gottschalk Photo-Courtesy-of-Public-School 590x782Model Kris Gottschalk. Photo: Courtesy of Public School

It's not surprising that fashion is moving towards gender ambiguity. Models will be given a broader spectrum of work. With the less conservative approach towards fashion, people are breaking boundaries and wearing what they see fits. Isn't that what fashion is all about?

This evolving world creates new practices and less tradition every day. More people are open to being who they truly are. Caitlyn Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner is a prime example. Jenner's move into the transgender world has made her a popular figure in the LGBT community for becoming a transgender. Some schools are now promoting LGBT clubs to help make LGBT people comfortable with who they are and to show that the environment is accommodating.

Acknowledging different sexualities gradually forms a custom of acceptance by many people and an influence on some.

When it is all said and done, fashion is a reflection of you. It should be exactly how you want it, no matter if your feminine, or a tomboy. Remember to stay true to yourself, regardless of what you see glamorized in the media.