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U.S. Launch of House of Mandela Wines in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn

VIDEO: House of Mandela Wines Comes to Bed-Vyne Wines


There's a tendency for us to mythologize our beloved leaders. Nelson Mandela is no different.

As the ANC leader who languished in a South African prison for 27 years and then became South Africa's first black president, he's become a symbol of bravery and forgiveness in the face of oppression. But to Makaziwe Mandela and Tukwini Mandela, he's no myth he's a man--their father and grandfather. Mr. Mandela didn't just "fall from the sky," as they put it. For their family, he's a symbol of self-determination who's taught them that when you put your mind to achieve something you can do it.

It's this legacy that Dr. Makaziwe Mandela (known more commonly as Maki) and Ms. Tukwini Mandela are bringing to their latest venture: House of Mandela wines. They're joining the very short list of black-owned wineries in South Africa's $3 billion wine industry. They hope that by doing so they'll empower other black business people to do the same.

On their first trip to Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Mandela and Ms. Mandela came to Bed-Vyne Wines, Bedford-Stuyvesant's boutique wine shop, to help the owners Michael Brooks and Rotimi Akinnuoye celebrate their second anniversary. The Mandela women also shared their thoughts on family legacy, the importance of being socially responsible in their business and how they're using the House of Mandela to give back to South Africa, one bottle at a time.


Todd Jones Owner of Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts Brings the Sweet to Brooklyn Beer and Wine Fest

On one of the hottest days of the summer, What's The 411TV's correspondent, Stacy Narine, was out at the 2013 Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival held at The Lab in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

At the festival, Stacy caught up with the one and only Todd Jones, owner of Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts. A donutologist, Todd has been in the donut business for 40 years; first working with Dunkin Donuts for 25 years to now the owner of Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts.

Even at a beer and wine festival, Todd brought his professional donut making equipment, which is capable of making 1200 donuts in an hour with precision. What makes Sweet Dreams' donuts unique are that they are mini donuts and that Todd uses his donutologist's techniques to come up with unique flavors.

So what's in Todd's creative bag of flavors? How about buttermilk and donuts for grownups: White Hennessy and Ciroc donuts. He is even introducing salty caramel and strawberry shortcake donuts.

Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts are popping up everywhere. They have found their way into the halls of Google and many a celebrity wedding.

Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts is soon to be dispensing its confectionary greatness at a new location, in the heart of Brooklyn's corporate park at 2 MetroTech Center.

Can't make it to Brooklyn? You can always reach Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts online at and on Facebook. You can also call them at 347-724-6200.

Videography by Jesse Whitehead


2013 Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival Comes to Bedford-Stuyvesant

On one of the hottest days of the summer, What's The 411TV's correspondent, Stacy Narine, was out at the 2013 Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival held at The Lab in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Amidst the DJ sounds of DJ Red Boy and DJ CEO, she met Brooklynites and others from Manhattan and New Jersey enjoying beer, wine, food, donuts, and good music.

Pearl Callender, a Trinidadian living in Bedford-Stuyvesant for the past 20 years, was sipping a ginger syrup from Barrow's called Intense Ginger Liquer; while Andrea Rothchild was finishing up a Curious Traveler, a refreshing drink that taste like lemonade mixed with beer. The one and only Todd Jones, donutologist and owner of Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts was also in the house.

The organizers may need to find a bigger venue for next year because the word is already out to be there next year!


Videography by Jesse Whitehead

Noel Pointer Court Makes Its Debut

Noel Pointer Court is Not Your Typical Low-Moderate Housing Complex

Today was the ribbon-cutting and grand opening ceremony for Noel Pointer Court, a newly-constructed residential building with 23 affordable apartments developed by Bridge Street Development Corporation (BSDC).

As you can see from the photos, this is not your typical low-to-moderate income housing. Kudos to BSDC!

The building, named in honor of the late Brooklyn-born jazz violinist Noel Pointer, is located at 790 Lafayette Avenue between Throop and Marcus Garvey Avenues in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Low-and moderate-income tenants for the eight 1-bedroom and fifteen 2-bedroom apartments were selected via a public lottery process conducted in partnership with the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

More than 4,000 applications were received.

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Members Focus on Health

VIDEO: Members of the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Brooklyn hold annual walking event to bring attention to small things we can do to improve overall health

What's The 411's producer, Ruth J. Morrison, spoke with members of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church's Temple Ministry as they were making preparations for its annual walk-a-thon. The event was held at Herbert Von King Park in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn.

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