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Breakthrough comes through for viewers | What's The 411 Movie Review

If you’ve been watching TV over the last few weeks, you’re likely to already know the story of Breakthrough. The film is based on the true story of John Smith (Marcel Ruiz), a young teen, who falls through the ice which formed on a local lake. Underwater for 15 minutes, he incredibly survives what doctors call a miracle. His mother, a deeply religious woman, credits her prayer and faith for his survival.

To succeed, Breakthrough had its own obstacles to overcome, keeping viewers’ interest in a story in which the outcome is already known. Like John, it comes through.

Leading the cast is Chrissy Metz in the role of John’s mother. Metz is amazing! She dominates every scene she’s in, with determination and when necessary, confrontation. If you didn’t know better, you’d think this was real life and she really did have a kid whose life was at risk. Director Roxann Dawson or whoever is responsible for casting Metz should be commended. Metz like John’s real-life mother is full figured. Hollywood often opts for thin actresses when the real-life characters they play are overweight.

This story tugs on the viewers’ heartstrings. In this day of constant conflict among groups, it’s good to see this diverse community come together and root for John. But some of the locals asked John, why you? His school teacher pondered about the death of her husband who had no such miraculous recovery from an aneurysm.

John is on the high school basketball team and is also a fan of the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry. Of course, it had to be that way; Curry is Breakthrough’s executive producer.

Breakthrough earns an “A” in cast diversity. Dennis Haysbert plays the doctor who shepherds John through his miraculous recovery. And Mike Colter, who plays the first responder, had his own incredible experience when a voice spoke to him as he tried to rescue John. He thought it was his boss; it wasn’t.

Breakthrough gets a See It! rating. It comes together in an intriguing and heartwarming way. Breakthrough is rated, PG (for thematic content including peril) and is 90 minutes in length. And appropriately opens during the Easter holidays.

Harry Belafonte and Social Relevant Photographer Stephen Somerstein Top What's The 411TV's 25 Most Interesting People of 2015

The Top 10 include Serena Williams, who leads all athletes; Mathew Knowles; Valentino Carlotti and Gilda Squire; James Patterson; Glenn Anton "Doc" Rivers; Lionel Hollins; Stephen Curry; Ta-Nehisi Coates; and Dr. Yvonne Thompson

BROOKLYN, NY; December 31, 2015 - What's The 411TV, a Brooklyn-based media company, today released its list of 25 Most Interesting People of 2015, and singer, songwriter, actor, and social activist Harry Belafonte; and social relevant photographer Stephen Somerstein, who documented the 1965 Selma to Montgomery, Alabama Civil Rights March are tied for first place on the list. In their own way, each has made an incredible impact on the civil rights movement.

What's The 411TV's 25 Most Interesting People of 2015 is an eclectic list of people interviewed by What's The 411TV reporters primarily as exclusives, but this year, we included a couple of group press conferences attended by our reporters. The list consists of people who have spurred a movement; those who have made an impact in their respective fields globally; iconic figures; athletes including Serena Williams (she leads all athletes); coaches (Doc Rivers and Lionel Hollins, who makes the list for a second time); entrepreneurs; and those making it happen behind the scenes. Domestic Violence dominated headlines in 2015, and two people, Katrina Walker and Melissa Holmes, survivors of domestic abuse, are on the list for telling their compelling stories and helping others. Ms. Walker, a mother of four children, left her abusive husband, found a job and then created 24-hour daycare centers in two states.

"We are grateful for another incredible year of capturing many great stories," said Ruth J. Morrison, CEO and Executive Producer, What's The 411TV. "I especially enjoy listening to the backstories of how people and things evolve such as Tonya Rapley moving from being debt-ridden to becoming "The Millennial Money Coach;" how Goldman Sachs Partner and head of the Institutional Clients Group's Securities Division, Valentino Carlotti and Gilda Squire of Squire Media and Management, partnered to bring Misty Copeland, the American Ballet Theater's first African-American principal dancer into the American consciousness; and international entrepreneur Dr. Yvonne Thompson, CBE brought to life the challenges faced by executive women in her book, 7 Traits of Highly Successful Women on Boards."

Below is a list of What's The 411TV's 25 Most Interesting People of 2015; which can be found online with links to each interview.

1. Harry Belafonte and Steven Somerstein: Even at 88 years-old, Mr. Belafonte is still fighting for human rights and social inclusiveness. Steven Somerstein: through his photography, Mr. Somerstein brought the plight of civil rights into America's consciousness by documenting the 1965 Selma To Montgomery Civil Rights Marchin a way few other could have done - Interviewed by: Luvon Roberson

2. The 21-time tennis grand slam winner, Serena Williams: because the legendary professional tennis player took tennis lovers and aficionados on an incredible ride, and we're still rooting for her

3. Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles: The creator and manager of Destiny's Child, Beyonce, and Solange; describesThe DNA of Achievers in his book of the same name- Interviewed by: Courtney Rashon

4. Valentino Carlotti and Gilda Squire: The team behind-the-scenes making things happen for Misty Copeland, American Ballet Theater's first African-American principal dancer –Interviewed by Glenn Gilliam

5. Award-winning author James Patterson: For his initiative to help independent bookstores and because he's a great storyteller - Interviewed by: Luvon Roberson

6. Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach Glenn Anton "Doc" Rivers: Because he's a sage and he helped to keep the NBA intact- captured by Keisha Wilson

7. Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Lionel Hollins: This is the second time he is on this list and we have learned a lot more about Lionel Hollins in the past year. He's a straight-shooter, instructive, and he manages the New York media

8. Golden State Warriors Guard and NBA MVP Stephen Curry: He understands his limitations and has developed strategies to overcome them; a lesson for us all

9. Award-winning author Ta-Nehisi Coates: for speaking and writing about the elephant in the room- Interviewed by: Luvon Roberson

10. Dr. Yvonne Thompson, CBE: for shining a light on the challenges of executive women in the boardroom- Interviewed by: Luvon Roberson

11. Dr. Brenda Greene, Executive Director, Center for Black Literature and English Department Chair; Medgar Evers College, CUNY: for being a curator of African-American culture through literature and art - Interviewed by: Luvon Roberson

12. Freedom Williams of C+C Music Factory: for keeping us entertained while diversifying his portfolio, and for providing insight into the "new" music industry - Interviewed by: Courtney Rashon

13. Metta World Peace: a fierce competitor and when he's in your presence, there's never a dull moment

14. New York Liberty forward Swintayla Marie "Swin" Cash: She parlayed her prolific scoring and rebounding skills into a studio analyst gig for select New York Knicks games

15. Sherrie Young, National Book Foundation Director of Marketing and Special Projects: standing at the crossroads of literacy and literature and keeping up the good fight- Interviewed by: Luvon Roberson

16. Katrina Walker: an abused wife and mother of four children who turned her adversity into entrepreneurship and philanthropy; she is the owner of 24-hour daycare facilities in two states - The What's The 411TV Team of: Courtney Rashon, Kizzy Cox, and Onika McLean16.

17. Kelly L. Jackson: an entertainment entrepreneur who uses her national radio platform on Sirius/XM Radio to blend entertainment and wellness - Interviewed by: Courtney Rashon

18. Financial Educator, Tonya Rapley: for teaching millennials (and others) how to manage their personal finances; that's why she is The Millennial Money Coach - Interviewed by: Kizzy Cox

19. Performance Artist, Olutayo Bosede (professionally known as Olutayo): for working hard at his craft and thoroughly entertaining us with his voice and dance moves as the Lead Crow on the NBC production of The Wiz Live! - Interviewed by: The What's The 411TV Team of: Essence Semaj, Onika McLean, and Courtney Rashon

20. Andrea Lewis: an actress that is not twiddling her thumbs waiting for the callback, she is creating great webisodes and distributing them through digital media – Interviewed by Glenn Gilliam

21. Stephen Witt, a journalist turned entrepreneur that created a much-needed digital media company, Kings County Politics, focused on the politics of what else, Kings County aka Brooklyn – Interviewed by: The What's The 411TV Team of: Kizzy Cox, Onika McLean, and Courtney Rashon

22. Award-winning self-published author Selma Jackson: she brought to life a people's struggle for human rights through the eyes of a child in her children's book, Granny's Helper – Interviewed by Luvon Roberson

23. Nikkia McClain, CEO, Tene Nicole Marketing and Public Relations, a celebrity marketing, and public relations company: she does whatever it takes for the benefit of her clients, including washing dishes

24. Melissa Holmes: an abused wife and mother who is using digital media and other platforms to help other women abused by their husbands and partners – Interviewed by: Kizzy Cox

25. Chrissy Monroe: an entrepreneur who turned her appearance on reality television into an opportunity for scripted television and other ventures, including the ambassador for Pretty Girl Gang Cosmetics – Interviewed by: Courtney Rashon

Honorable Mentions:

Mychal Thompson, former NBA player and father of NBA All-Star Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors: because he still has no problem giving his son fatherly advice. 

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson: a rookie NBA player with the Brooklyn Nets who is currently sidelined with a broken ankle; is a selfless millennial who, along with his brother, bought his mother a house as soon as he signed his NBA contract.

Past Honorees:

Previous personalities on What's The 411TV's list of 25 Most Interesting People include: the late Maya Angelou; NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan; breast cancer survivor and founder of Beating Cancer in Heels CEO, Marlena Ortiz; Motown Founder, Berry Gordy; Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov; New York Knicks great and Basketball Hall of Famer Willis Reed; Basketball Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Earvin "Magic" Johnson; Brooklyn Nets head coach Lionel Hollins; NBA player Jeremy Lin; NFL player Richard Sherman; former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson; former WNBC-TV news anchor Sue Simmons; and more.


Nothing happens in a vacuum, therefore I offer special thanks to Angelo Ellerbee, Gary Sussman, Aaron Harris, Eli Pearlstein, Jeanmarie Daily, D.A. Abrams, Vincent Novicki, Clarence V. Reynolds, Nikkia McClain, Brenda Greene, Patricia Green, Gilda Squire, Sherri Young, Simone Smalls, Pauline Barfield, and of course the What's The 411TV team: Gregory Alcala; Kizzy Cox; Donna Leslie; Onika McLean; Courtney Rashon; Luvon Roberson; Essence Semaj; and Keisha Wilson.

About What's The 411TV

Based in Brooklyn, New York, What's The 411TV is a division of What's The 411 Networks, a media/news, marketing, and events company. What's The 411TV connects sophisticated multi-cultural audiences with its content through its distribution platforms of television, online, mobile, and social media.

What's The 411TV produces two weekly television shows, What's The 411, an award-winning entertainment and lifestyle television show and What's The 411Sports, a sports news and commentary television show. The company covers the Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, New York Giants, US OPEN, and other sports events.

What's The 411TV's celebrity portfolio consists of interviews with Magic Johnson, Beyonce, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, Angela Bassett, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Hudson, and many, many more.

About Ruth J. Morrison

Ruth J. Morrison is the CEO and Founder of What's The 411 Networks, an integrated media, marketing, and events company, which produces the award-winning weekly news and information television show, What's The 411; What's The 411Sports, and the soon-to-be, What's The 411Business.

A video streaming pioneer, Ms. Morrison developed and launched from conception the City of New York's multi-channel cable television network and served as a Communications Director and Legislative Advisor to a New York member of the U.S. Congress. She is the first African-American independent television producer to have a weekly television show on WNYC-TV and for three years, she worked in Brasil as an entertainment and television licensing consultant for an American company.

Ms. Morrison earned a master's degree in Interactive Telecommunications from the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and she was a Communications Fellow at the Annenberg Washington Program of Northwestern University. She taught courses in telecommunications at Fordham University and she completed her coursework towards a Ph.D. in Political Science at Columbia University.


Valentino Carlotti and Gilda Squire: The Team Behind-The-Scenes Making Things Happen for Ballerina Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland's Rise to ABT's First African-American Principal Dancer is a Merger of Readiness and Opportunity

Valentino Carlotti, Head, Securities Division, Institutional Clients Group, Goldman Sachs; and Gilda Squire, Squire Media and Management; sat down with What's The 411TV host, Glenn Gilliam, for a wide-ranging interview about their career trajectories; the power of networks; their behind the scenes influences that helped American Ballet Theater's Principal Dancer, Misty Copeland, rise to celebrity status; and how they have grown along the way.

Misty Copeland Le Corsaire Photo Marty-Sohl 600x672Misty Copeland, Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theater, in Le Corsaire. Photo Credit: Marty Sohl

Carlotti and Squire's Path to Forging an Alliance to Champion Misty Copeland

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Gilda Squire spent her formative years in Virginia, Gilda's mom passed away while she was young and her father didn't have the money to send her to her dream college, George Mason University. Even though Virginia Union University gave Gilda a full scholarship, she decided to go to work and save money to attend her dream school. Gilda started her career at the FBI at age 16. Although she didn't appreciate it at the time, it was pretty cool having a top secret clearance at 18 years-old.

Gilda later worked on Capitol Hill and after completing her degree at George Mason University, she decided to move to New York to work in entertainment public relations. However, things got interesting, as she discovered that the jobs she interviewed for didn't pay enough to allow her to live on her own. As fate would have it, a recruiter sent Gilda on an interview at Goldman Sachs where she landed a job in the Investment Banking Division. At the outset, Gilda wasn't sure she made the right the decision to work at Goldman Sachs. However, upon reflection, this "amazing miraculous professional detour" set Gilda up for the career that she enjoys today, the opportunity to manage Misty Copeland and to have managed Sara Mearns, Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet; and to have provided media training to then 8 year-old Quvenzhane Wallis, the youngest actress ever to receive a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Initially, Valentino Carlotti, who was born and raised in Manhattan, wanted to be an astrophysicist or a doctor. While Valentino was a pre-med major at Yale University, he became intrigued with finance in his junior or senior in college and subsequently, changed his focus to finance. Valentino landed on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs after finishing an MBA at Harvard Business School. As Valentino rose through the ranks at Goldman Sachs from associate to vice president, it is at this point that Valentino and Gilda's paths crossed at Goldman Sachs.

Today, as Partner and Head of Securities Division, Institutional Clients Group, Valentino Carlotti is not surprised that Gilda is as successful as she is even though she is no longer in the finance arena. Valentino touts Goldman Sachs' working environment from recruiting talented people with good potential; the company's structure that provides a platform, resources, and encouragement to its employees, along with the breadth and depth of what employees learn at Goldman Sachs, translates into an environment for success wherever Goldman Sachs' employees land.

Gilda and Valentino reconnected when Misty Copeland was giving a talk at an Apple Store. Valentino offered to be helpful to Gilda, and two weeks later the pair was strategizing about Misty's future.

If you didn't watch the interview, I encourage you to watch and listen carefully to the interview to learn how Misty Copeland became Gilda Squire's client, how Misty's deal with Under Amour came together, the rigors and demands of being a professional ballerina; how Misty overcame a potentially career-ending injury; what NBA Basketball MVP Stephen Curry said about Misty's work ethic; Misty's book tour and documentary, a Ballerina's tale, directed by Brooklyn's Nelson George; and more.

NBA All-Star Saturday Night: Foot Locker Three-Point Contest

Kyrie Irving Tries to Repeat Previous Win; but Stephen Curry Takes Home the Prize

The NBA (National Basketball Association) as a brand is one of the best marketing machines in the world.

Few organizations know how to market their key assets as well as the NBA. It's greatest players are mostly known for their prowess as scorers, and the greatest player to ever play in the NBA had no trouble finding his shot, in Michael Jordan.

And because points sell tickets, it's only fitting that the NBA would offer a contest, detailed around who can score at a high-level, particularly from behind the arc.

The Three-Point contest is that event, and Saturday night provided one of the best field of players (shooting the three) to compete in the three-point contest for quite some time.

And what's intriguing about this year's collection of players is the fact that, stars were present.

Kyrie Irving, now a three-time All-Star and former three-point shoot-out champion (2013), suited up.

Kyrie-Irving 2015-nba-all-star-media-day Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers guard at the 2015 NBA All-Star Media Day

The "Splash Brothers" in Golden State Warriors sniper duo, Klay Thompson, now a first-time All-Star and Stephen Curry, made an appearance.

You know they had to be there.

And completing the rest of the field featured: Marco Belinelli (San Antonio Spurs & reigning Three-Point Shoot-Out Champion), James Harden (Houston Rockets), Kyle Korver (Atlanta Hawks), Wesley Matthews (Portland Trailblazers) and J.J. Redick (Los Angeles Clippers).

There is star power here because this contest highlighted four-All-Stars surrounded by a number of individuals, known for what they happen to do best.

In terms of three-point percentage, seven of the eight contestants (Matthews-39.5 percent, Redick-43.7 percent, Harden-38.5 percent, Irving-41.3 percent, Curry-40.0 percent, Thompson-44.0 percent and Korver-50.0 percent) are all ranked among the top-50 in the league.

With the talent available, a competition was imminent, and everyone available delivered, with very few disappointments.

Matthews, scheduled to fire first, set the bar high for the first round.

The Trailblazers guard went 4-5 from the money-ball rack, connected on three more and successfully shot 8-16, 50% in one-point shots for a total score of 22.

This is the type of contest that can generate excitement and encore's from the audience if something is brewing and Matthews was able to make that happen, bringing the crowd to its feet, sinking eight of his last 10 shots, in the final two racks.

Following Matthews was Redick, who struggled at first, but ended up producing a solid first round score of 18.

Redick shot 4-10 from the first two racks, including one-made money-ball shot and then erupted for nine-straight made shots, connecting on his last three money-ball shots.

As expected, a high-number of consecutive made shots is an excuse for the crowd to get involved, and after Redick's seventh made three, you could hear the volume of the crowd rising.

After Redick, Harden stepped up to the plate, and he honestly under-performed.

I don't view Harden as a shooter, but more as a scorer.

I think Harden is most comfortable in a competitive atmosphere (NBA regular season, post-season, pick-up) in scoring where ever he chooses rather than having to deal with the pressure of doing your best out of 25 three-point shot attempts.

All in all, Harden finished with 15 total points, making five one-point shots and three money-ball shots.

Now, welcome someone who has performed on this stage before and what stage hasn't he been able to perform on?

Irving, more than capable of hitting threes at a significant rate (41.3%) was slated to shoot next, and displayed why he once held the three-point shootout trophy, once before.

He scoffed at Matthews 22 and contributed 23.

Out of 25 total shots, Irving successfully drained 17, including four of five from the money-ball rack and 11 1-point shots.

Irving's play as a guard, at some point will amaze you and this was no different.

After Irving, the last four shooters, as a group presented a competition in itself.

During Curry's course, the next shooter, TNT's Kenny Smith's voice echoed across the arena, as he asked: "Who is the best shooter in Golden State?".

This was a viable question especially when Curry would score 23 and Thompson 24, back-to-back.

And the final two contestants in Korver and Belinelli would both score 18 each, still solid shooting scores.

Unfortunately, solid numbers like 18 from Korver and Belinelli and 17 from Redick were not enough to advance to the championship round.

Even Matthews who set the bar early with an impressive 22 points was left without the opportunity.

Instead, we would get a final round featuring Curry, Thompson and Irving, pitting the teammates from Golden State against each other, for one night.

Irving began the second round on fire, sinking 8-10 from the first two racks for a score of 9, including one money-ball.

And in the next rack, from the top of the key, Irving would miss all five shots.

He rebounded on the next rack, connecting on five and went 2-5 on the money-ball, completing his championship round with a score of 17.

The championship round warrants a performance that could pressure the other two finalist, and 17 only sparked Curry to provide a shooting show for the ages.

How does a score of 27 sound?

You would think that would be enough to seal the deal because that's the performance Curry exhibited in his fourth three-point shoot-out contest.

He had never won the contest in previous years and for arguably the best shooter in the league, Curry made his case with the crowd in the palm of his hands by the second rack.

In Curry would only miss five shots, going 4-5 from the money-ball rack in addition to 13, 1-point shots.

It would be a tough task for anyone to follow up Curry's performance even for Thompson, who failed to match his teammate, or mirror his first round exploits.

With the exception of his first rack, starting out strong hitting four of his first five shots, Thompson would go 6-20 in the last four racks, solidifying Curry's win. In a contest where each participant could have walked away with the crown, Curry validated why he is the number one marksman in the league.

"I'm very happy right now," said Curry during his post-three point contest interview. "I've obviously been in it four times. So I wanted to win it and get it down. And thankfully tonight I got it, was able to accomplish that."

When asked if this contest shows who is the best three-point shooter in the NBA, Curry replied: "I want to be. There are obviously different criteria you can look at to judge that. Just being in that competitive spirit and having fun out there, I love to shoot the basketball. So that's a great place to kind of showcase that. And I have fun doing it. So I get to take this home with me."

Coming from a basketball family of shooters in father Dell Curry, a former NBA player and his brother, Seth who is currently playing in the D-league, I think it's pretty clear who the bragging rights belong to as of All-Star Saturday night.

NBA All-Star Saturday: Degree Shooting Stars Challenge

Team Bosh Earns Bragging Rights with its Third Straight Title

The NBA All-Star Weekend is similar to meals at your favorite restaurant.

All-Star Friday is the bread you consume while you mull over the choices on the menu.

All-Star Saturday is the appetizer, nourishing your body, moderately.

And then All-Star Sunday is not only the main course, but it is your favorite entrée.

In a restaurant, you can choose to go straight for the main course, but with the NBA All-Star Weekend, you don't want to skip the appetizer.

First and foremost, the Barclays Center and the NBA presented a visual show. The basketball court became a viewing screen of moving images with intros to each event creating an atmosphere that just screamed entertainment.

In two words, sheer beauty.

Beautiful as it might have been, the fans did not come to Barclays on a brisk Saturday night to watch fireworks.

It was all about the individuals participating in the best ticket in town, four events in one.

Saturday night, billed as the State Farm All-Star Saturday Night, featured: the Degree Shooting Stars Challenge; Taco Bell Skills Challenge; Footlocker Three-Point Contest; and the event of the night, the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

The Degree Shooting Stars was not the most highly anticipated event, but it registered high on the excitement meter. It involved four teams connecting on shots with varying degrees of difficulty at different parts on the floor. The team taking the least amount of time to advance to the championship round wins.

Team Curry (Sue Bird, Stephen Curry, Dell Curry), Team Westbrook (Russell Westbrook, Penny Hardaway, Tamika Catchings), Team Millsap (Paul Millsap, Scottie Pippen, Elena Delle Donne) and the two-time reigning champs in Team Bosh (Chris Bosh, Dominique Wilkins and Swin Cash) all competed for the bragging rights.

It's a good thing I am not a betting man. I would have lost by betting on Team Curry.

In the first round, Catchings, a nine-time WNBA All-Star, almost cost her team a trip to the championship round missing her first seven field goals (19.0 seconds). But, Westbrook and Hardaway, bailed out Catchings by sinking their first attempts from the top of the key and the elbow three (5.0 seconds).

And on the 4th shot, Hardaway reminded everyone why he was selected to be on Team Westbrook sinking his attempt from half-court. Team Westbrook completed their shot-circuit in 35.2 seconds.

But Team Bosh would have their say.

They've been here before, they knew what to do.

And so they did it.

Team Bosh bested Team Westbrook by connecting on all of their shots in eight attempts to Team Westbrook's 10 in only 30.8 seconds.

Next up, the championship round, and the favorite prevailed once more.

Team Westbrook was on a roll in the championship round during its first three shots.

Catchings learned her lesson and used the backboard, knocking down the first required shot; smart.

Hardaway executed his first attempt successfully and Westbrook missed his first and made his second. Team Westbrook completed its first three shots of the championship round in 13 seconds.

All was well until Team Westbrook ran into the half-court shot, the toughest of all four shots. The team missed 26 consecutive attempts as time expired, which put them in position for an upset.

As for Team Bosh, there was no rush.

Team Bosh took its time and at the 57.6 seconds mark, the legend, Wilkins clinched Team Bosh's third straight title on their seventh attempt from half-court.

"Chemistry," said Wilikins when asked how Team Bosh has been able to defend its title. "We just wanted to repeat what we did last year. We did the same thing last year. We didn't want to change it, for luck."

"I think we don't take it so serious," said Cash answering the same question following the event. "Over the last three years we've seen a lot of just everybody; we're so competitive as athletes. When we come out here, it's really simple. We have a good time. We joke around. We miss the shot; all right, we'll get the half-court shot. We just keep it loose. It's fun. And we strategize."

All records are meant to be broken, even championship streaks. But, Team Bosh has a system that works and next year, at the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend hosted by our neighbors up North in Toronto, Team Bosh may be tough to de-throne.

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