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CaLm Apparel NYC Launch 2013: Recognizing Men’s Fashion

CaLm Apparel Photo Credit: Crystal Lynn/What's The 411 Networks CaLm Apparel

Sunday, August 11, I attended the launch of CaLm Apparel NYC, an up-and-coming men's vintage clothing line.

The intimate affair held at Brooklyn Commons in downtown Brooklyn was hosted by the designers Cindy Alcantara and Laquana McNeil.

The ladies who share more than a clothing line are actual friends off-the-books. They attended Syracuse University together and were even college roommates.

The idea of starting a men's clothing line came to them in August 2012, after noticing that women received so much of the attention in fashion.

"Everyone's focusing on women, men need that love too," Laquana said.

It took Cindy and LaQuana a full year to launch CaLm because they wanted to make sure to present the best quality.

Speaking of quality, the hats and shirts are made of 100% embossed ostrich leather.

CaLm is for every age group, but the ladies wouldn't mind if artists like Chris Brown and Kanye West were rocking their stuff.

"We wanted to focus on a men's audience, only because we as women know what we want our men to wear and when you see one, the first thing that comes to you---is their physical appearance," Cindy said.

The year-long road to their official CaLm Apparel Launch was tough for Laquana and Cindy, admitting that they don't always see eye-to-eye on everything.

"Even if we don't sometimes agree, as long as the respect is there and we come with different ideas, we're fine," Laquana said.